When I originally begun utilizing WordPress quite a while back, I recollect a module approaching me for a post ID.

I thought I was grabbing WordPress rapidly, however this one had me befuddled. I could see the name of my post, I could discover the URL – yet I had no clue how to discover the post ID.

In the event that you’ve at any point had this issue, you’re in karma: today, I’m going to indicate you precisely where to discover the WordPress post ID.

Presently, numerous WordPress clients don’t have the foggiest idea how to discover the post ID, and they get by fine and dandy. So for what reason may you have to know it? More often than not, it’s a circumstance like the one above: on the grounds that a module requests it. However, numerous topics will request post IDs amid design, as well.

In any case, it really is great to realize how to do.

How to Find a Post ID in WordPress

For me, the speediest and least demanding approach to discover a post ID is done from the All Posts screen — found by signing into the WordPress dashboard and clicking Posts > All Posts.

From here, basically float your mouse over the post you need to discover the ID for. Presently, investigate the base left-hand corner of the screen.

See that spring up box? That contains the post ID.

All the more explicitly, the post ID is the number that comes after the “post=” and before the “&“.

Follow in the above screen capture? In this occasion, my post ID is 6706.

You can likewise discover the post ID in the WordPress supervisor, which you get to by tapping on the post you need.

At the point when done along these lines, the post ID is in the location bar. The URL demonstrated will be actually the equivalent, and the post ID is again sandwiched between the “post=” and the “&.”

Both ways are really easy to do, and it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to find the post ID.

Page, Category, Tag, Comment, and User IDs

In any case, it’s not simply posts that are appointed a custom ID number that is hard to discover.

Each page, class, tag, remark, and client ID on your site will likewise have a special ID number.

You can discover these ID numbers in the very same manner that you found the Post ID numbers. On account of class ID, simply click Posts > Categories from inside the WordPress dashboard.

When there, find and hover over the category you want, and you’ll see the URL you want in the bottom left corner, same as before.

The classification ID is found after “category&tag_ID=” and before “and” as found in the screen get above.

On the other hand, you could tap on the classification and discover the class ID from the URL.

I’ve highlighted it for you in the address bar above.

Final Thoughts

In case you’re attempting to design a topic or utilize a module since you can’t discover a post ID, I trust this short instructional exercise has bailed you out.

In spite of the fact that it’s actually simple to do, most WordPress clients won’t realize how to discover the post ID, basically on the grounds that it’s so seldom required. Keep in mind how it’s done, so on the off chance that you are ever requested it, you won’t squander whenever discovering it.


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