WordPress is the most widely used website builder and content management system (CMS) in the world. Its open-source platform that can be used by both experienced and non experienced users. And one of the most powerful and well know CMS applications on the market today is WordPress.

WordPress hosting is a type of hosting that just focus on offering WordPress plans.

Brief history and uprise of WordPress:

If we want to start our business website, WordPress is one of the best place to store. The software has been in development for 15 years and was originally built on top of  b2/cafelog. Malt and Mike Little decided to fork it and built WordPress on top. It has grown into something much more than a blogging platform.

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress has a wide variety of plugins, themes and widgets to provide customization, you can use WordPress to create just about any kind of site you can imagine. 

This website is used by millions to create e-commerce sites, social communities, blogs around the world. It can do lot, but you don’t need to have technical knowledge. If you choose a provider that has optimized its platform for WordPress.

Why WordPress is so popular?

  • Easy for beginners
  • Extremely  flexible
  • Its  widely  supported 
  • Its great for learning
  • WordPress is full open source

How WordPress makes your life easier?

Best WordPress hosting is both expensive or cheap. So if you have low budget then this type of WordPress open source website would be best option. A WordPress site can be installed and running in a matter of minutes with no technical experience. 

Different types of  WordPress hosting

Most common types of WordPress hosting are:

1: Shared WordPress hosting:

Its cheap form of WordPress hosting. We can share server resources with other websites. This sharing of web server makes it cheap.

Other common features include automatic updates to the WordPress core along with your themes and plugins.

2: Managed WordPress hosting:

Managed WordPress sites enjoy one of the highest level of hosting available WordPress sites. You will have a team of WordPress experts behind your every step of way. Typically,  managed WordPress hosting will utilize a dedicated server. The exact type of server depend upon the hosting provider you choosing. Most often managed word press hosts utilize the dedicated server.

Benefits and  drawbacks of managed WordPress hosting:

Through managed WordPress hosting we can get extremely fast loading speeds. With managed WordPress hosting. We have a secure environment designed to protect against WordPress specific attack. It offers us supportive staff that can help us quickly remedy any hosting or site issues.

Typically, there are some plugin restrictions. A certain plugin can be banned due to their security protocol and a variety of other reasons. If you run any other site beyond WordPress you can,t do so with managed WordPress hosting.

Lastly, The managed WordPress hosting is more expensive. if you have no budget then this option does not suit you.

Benefits of  WordPress hosting:

Very fast speed Wordpress hosting is one of the best ways to speed up your website.  The highest level of performance managed WordPress is best option. Plus you have a team of experts behind your every step. 

WordPress host has the unique advantage of being able to protect against WordPress specific attacks. WordPress is the most commonly hacked CMS. You will take best additional steps to protect your site. A lot of WordPress hosts will also have regular security, scanning and monitoring system. So your site always have been protecting. When you are running a WordPress site you will need to run updates on a regular basis. Not only it is keeping your site up o date a way to ensure high performance but it will keep your sit more secure depending on the WordPress host your are using. Automatic updates be a part of a hosting package.

What to look for in a quality WordPress hosting?

Overall it depends upon our unique needs as a site owner but most common aspects in the discussion are here.

Firstly speed refers to how long your site takes to load, along with the time it takes to open to new tabs, uptime is the percentage of time your site stays online. Most will offer 99%  uptime. Having high time is imported . when you have a profitable website every second your site is offline will cost you money.  When you are dealing with a WordPress hosting you will want s support team behind you.   If you have any issues about your site or server your supportive team resolved it quickly.


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