Soundcloud followers
Soundcloud followers

So, you’ve created a KILLER new song, hit the upload button, and then waited for the primary one thousand SoundCloud followers to begin pouring in to pay attention your brilliant new musical masterpiece.

regrettably, all you heard have been crickets. Of course your cousin visited the website and stated it turned into exceptional. He’s your #1 fan

but he’s additionally your only supporter…

due to the fact you’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle:

It doesn’t rely how extraordinary your tune is. without actively promoting your track, your SoundCloud page continues to be going to be a ghost city.

If a tree falls down within the woods does it make a sound? It’s the same address your music – even the maximum first rate tune inside the global will not make heads nod if no one hears it.

So you’ve got to do this: Spend one third of your time creating epic music. And spend two thirds of your time promoting that music.

I can hear some people complaining now…. “But Luke, it took me an entire week to write that new track. I don’t have time to now go out and spend hours promoting it.”
If that’s the case – you probably don’t have time to build a large following of your music and this article probably isn’t for you

10 steps To Rapidly Get Your First SoundCloud Followers

1. Make EPIC music regularly

if you by no means finish any of your loops and WiPs, or if you’re too scared of grievance, then you definitely’re no longer going to get some distance.
you have to force your self to finish your tracks, and spend time to cause them to sound top notch – they should not be too repetitive, they must now not be overly complicated and tough to pay attention to, they have to make humans sense some thing, whether it’s excitement or melancholysomething your goal is with the song.
You get the concept – make the pleasant track you can, and make loads of it (see my four tips on efficient time control for tune production).
a number of you would possibly say which you don’t have the time, but it’s all about your priorities. Did you want to go out and sink 8 pints of beer ultimate night, and be hungover all day these days? likely not. ought to you’ve got used that time and all of today to make some epic music rather?

2. Build your network of friends & connections

How will this help you? as soon as you have real buddies with other SoundCloud customers, they’ll help you promote your tune in masses of different ways (that I’ll get into in a minute).

the key to growing actual relationships is to reveal true hobby and offer actual value to others, in place of always considering what’s in it for you.

We’ve all seen the ones individuals who observe 2000 humans (the maximum allowed number) and like the entirety of their dashboard, with out nicely attractive with you.

DON’T be every other one of these men – it’s apparent that you’re unsolicited mail-liking and unsolicited mail-following and that’s not an awesome look for you and your brand

1. Find people whose music you like.

2. Like, repost, comment on their songs.

3. Find them on Facebook and like their Facebook page, then comment on their Facebook page

4. After a couple of weeks of steps 1, 2 and 3, send them a message on SoundCloud – ask them how they made this sound or that snare, and let them know that you’ve shared their music with your followers on SoundCloud, Facebook etc. Basically, get a conversation going and show them that you’re willing to help them out.

If you do this with 10 people, you’ll be able to reap a lot of benefits including growing your audience.

3. Google Plus Communities

Now when it comes to other social media web sites, there are that I distinctly propose:

fb (this links to BassGorilla’s fb pagejoin us there!) and Google Plus.

sure, it’s genuine. Google Plus is here to live, and it’s a splendid instructed for getting loads of human beings to listen your new musical advent, regardless of how many fans you’ve got.

First, you’ll need to installation a respectable Google Plus profile, after which the real fun starts: Google Plus groups.

those are the name of the game weapon interior G+. they are essentially huge businesses of humans based around commonplace pastimes.

There are groups for nearly each style of track conceivablehouse, dubstep, drum and bass – you call it!

here’s extra assist with using G+ efficiently: the way to market Your content material on Google Plus

after you join a few companies, you’ll see that there are a TON of exciting discussions and debates happening in G+.

4.Buy SoundCloud Followers

Soundcloud is one of the most important online platforms in the music industry – internationally as well as nationally. Musicians, producers and sponsors are on the way here: Anyone who makes music should deal with Soundcloud. In addition, podcasts and radio plays are also published on the platform. With that, Soundcloud covers a wide range: Everything that can be heard can be disseminated through this service! It is therefore all the more important that the presentation of your own music on this platform succeed perfectly.

Buy Soundcloud followers is worth it – because hardly any network is so important in the music industry to make contacts in the scene and to present their own music to a broad audience. The users of Soundcloud not only hear the artists they already know, but also use this platform to discover new musicians and artists. This also offers smaller and lesser-known artists the opportunity to enlarge their own fan base! Buying Soundcloud followers greatly increases the chance to attract new users. Because the higher the number of fans on their own channel, the more attractive the own offer namely – the number of fans is thus indirectly a tool for your own marketing!
A high number of followers not only radiates popularity and sympathy, but also provides credibility. In addition, with a large number of fans, it is also more likely that potential sponsors or labels will become aware of their own channel, because of course, an artist is especially interesting when addressing many people. These sponsors are often based on the number of followers and contact an artist only from a certain number of them!

If you already have many followers, you naturally attract more. But especially at the beginning of your own activities on Soundcloud it can be difficult to make first users aware of their own bid. Buy real soundcloud followers, will lay the foundation for a possible career! Buying Soundcloud Followers also works very easy and is cheap. So your own popularity can be increased enormously with just a few clicks.

5. Tagging

Make your track is searchable and effortlessly findable for humans searching for tune in SoundCloud.

The extra tags, the less complicated to locate and the more performs you may get.

here are a few thoughts for tags to provide your new music: – genre tags (and associated genres) – similar style file label names – comparable artist names – adjectives that describe the temper of your trackdifferent similar songs by using different widely known artists

And make sure that the remarks you leave are useful, meaningful, and not simply ‘rad’ or ‘sick’…

whilst you show which you’ve placed a few thought into your comment, it receives noticed, no longer just by means of the character whose song you are making a touch upon, however by means of other people who pay attention to his or her tune.

If humans word a sample of you writing great feedback, a number of them will come and take a look at your song out.

additionally, the individuals who get your useful feedback will respect it and may be much more likely to check your profile out and observe you.

6. Collaborate with your new connections

Right here’s the splendor of doing a collaboration: You do 1/2 the work and get greater publicity to all of their fan base in addition to your very own.
you also help your buddy via letting her or him get exposure to all your fan base! Collabing additionally helps you to find out new techniques and processes to making track by way of seeing extensive how another character does it. this could assist you develop your capabilities.

7. Get on the remix tip

Remix a famous music that is modern and might be looked for with the aid of millions of people.

this may carry a ton of recent listeners in your web page, and if your remix is first rate, you’ll convert a ton of these traffic into followers.

you could remix track of a comparable style in your personal, or you could experiment and remix something completely distinct – see whether this receives better results or not.

8. Get a great logo to use everywhere online


A big part of getting recognition for your music is in your branding.

Think about it – if you have a consistent logo image that people see around the web in forums, social media sites (including SoundCloud), over time they will become more familiar with you.

You have two options here:

A. Get good at using Photoshop or

B. Get a graphic designer to make it for you Now, if you don’t have any graphic design friends who can make it for free, you can pay as little as $5 to get your logo made on soundcloud  Be sure to use your logo in your profiles in forums and all social media sites that you use.

This will reinforce your brand and make people more familiar with you over time.

9.Start publishing DJ mixes on SoundCloud

How can mixing songs together help you grow your SoundCloud following? Simple – by getting all the people whose music you feature in your mix to share the link on their SoundCloud profile (by reposting) and their Facebook fan page and G+ profiles, bringing in a ton of listeners and new followers in the process!

And guess what! You don’t need turntables to create a mix – you can do it in your DAW. And many people do! Find about 20 songs that you want to include in your mix.

A good chunk of them should be your friends’ mixes – friends you’ve made on SoundCloud. In the description, link out to all of the artists whose tracks you used and include a track list.

Ask them to repost it on SoundCloud (even if it is just for a week). Next, send a SoundCloud/Facebook message all of the people whose music you used and tell them you included their song in your mix, and ask them to share it on Facebook and G+.

You can even reach out to friends to get their music to use before you make your mix, meaning you can get some new tunes from them that haven’t been released yet, which will make your mix more interesting for people if you tell them about it.

Here’s another useful hint – think about whose music to feature.

If you include Skrillex or Deadmau5 music and then message them to ask them to share your mix with their fans, chances are that you won’t hear from them. Include people who will be happy that you promoted their music for them.

10. Join SoundCloud groups

Just like using G+ and Facebook communities, another thing you can do is use SoundCloud groups to share your music and get more ears on it.

Just search for groups by genre and other related keywords, join them and start sharing your music in them.

I recommend you to join around 100 groups. Why? Because you are able to share each song with up to 75 groups, even with a free SoundCloud account!

Focus on groups that have a large number of members and are closely related to your styles of music. The bigger the group, the more people will hear your music.



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