To use WordPress for your business website, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for WordPress website hosting
  2. Install WordPress in your web hosting account
  3. Configure the basic settings in WordPress
  4. Select a “theme” (template) for the appearance of your website
  5. Install any plugins you will need for your website
  6. Build your website pages
  7. Post blog articles (if you want to include a blog on your website)
  8. Maintain your website and keep it updated

Each of these steps is clearly explained in detail below.

How do I install WordPress?

There are two main ways to install WordPress on your web server:

  1. Automated through cPanel
  2. Manually

Many website hosting plans come with cPanel, which is a web hosting control panel. If your hosting plan has cPanel it’s likely you will have access to a software auto installer.

Two common auto installers are Softaculous and Fantastico. There are others as well.

Check in the “Software and Services” section of cPanel to see if your web host provides you with an auto installer. If so, you can use it to automatically install WordPress for you.

If your web host doesn’t use cPanel, or doesn’t provide an auto installer in cPanel, you will need to install WordPress manually. WordPress provides detailed instructions for manually installing WordPress on their website.

You can also hire a WordPress expert or web developer to install it for you.


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