NetBase has specialized in social media analytics. There are numerous companies that have been relying on the services offered by NetBase. The platform usually processes a lot of social media data annually. NetBase can then provide business insights that can be used for marketing purposes and product innovation. The company has also offered some insight into different social media tools.

The current society heavily relies on the internet. Some business ties are also being forged online. Most brands have also focused more on improving their online presence. Some of the popular social media platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook, among others. Since numerous businesses have focused on promoting their businesses online, there is a lot of competition, and each brand strives to ensure that it has a competitive edge. Some of the popular social media tools include:

1: SocialDrift

Different companies make use of the Social Drift tool. Businesses that mainly rely on Instagram should utilize SocialDrift. The tool usually automates the interactions on Instagram, and brands can increase their following organically. The users are tasked with keying in information about their Instagram followers. The tool makes use of machine learning to engage the users through comments, likes, and follows. SocialDrift also helps to increase the number of high-quality followers on Instagram through an Instagram bot.

2: Buffer

Buffer is suitable for businesses that utilize multiple social media tools and platforms. The platform allows companies and individuals to queue their posts for different accounts. The application also has tools that enable photo editing, data analysis, and group collaboration. Buffer can manage various social media platforms in a row and even organize them, and that means that marketing will be easier.

3: Storyheap

Snapchat has been present since 2013. Over the years, the platform has attracted a considerable user base Storyheap mainly focuses on the Story feature and brands can easily manage their stories. Also, Storyheap offers data analytics services. The Storyheap application is limited to Instagram and Snapchat.

4: Unsplash

Businesses should focus on utilizing high-quality images and content. Followers are usually driven away by poor quality images and content. Unsplash is a database that provides access to watermark-free photos that can also be accessed free of charge Businesses can make use of the search engine to look for photographs. Once you find an image that you can use, you are supposed to download it and save it for future use ONMA.

5: Canva

When utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, you should focus on using high-quality videos and photos. Marketing teams can make use of social media tools such as Canva to produce quality graphics that can attract a considerable user base. Canva has different design tools that can be used to generate quality content. In the process, businesses will gain a larger following on various social media platforms.

6: Grytics

Grytics is mainly suited for Facebook Groups. The application usually gathers information from the posts in specific groups. Grytics often displays the statistics for each business, and these groups can be easily managed. Businesses can also come up with suitable business strategies depending on the statistics provided by Grytics. 

7: Yotpo

On platforms such as Instagram, consumers usually post photographs and different products. Marketers should make use of tools that can help them to easily share the images of the consumers using the products they produce. Yotpo usually collects relevant posts associated with different brands and the tool helps the businesses to contact the users so that they can use their posts while advertising. 

Many social media tools can be used when carrying out social media analytics. Only a few have been mentioned. Other tools that can be used include BuzzSumo and Agorapulse, among others.


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