So, you’ve created a KILLER new song, hit the upload button, and then waited for the primary one thousand SoundCloud followers to begin pouring in to pay attention your brilliant new musical masterpiece. regrettably, all you heard have been crickets. Of course your cousin visited the website and stated it […]

NetBase has specialized in social media analytics. There are numerous companies that have been relying on the services offered by NetBase. The platform usually processes a lot of social media data annually. NetBase can then provide business insights that can be used for marketing purposes and product innovation. The company […]

Professional Roles in Personal Data Rights Management The General Data Protection Regulation was introduced on May 25, 2018 and brought with it and the legal obligation on companies and organizations to comply with the data protection legislation. This legislation also introduced a range of new professional positions created to help […]

Many successful businesswomen realise and acknowledge that they don’t necessarily have all the answers, or all the skills and knowledge and contacts to take their business to the next level. They haven’t been afraid, or too proud, to approach people who were experts in their field and ask for their […]

Have you ever climbed to the top of a mountain? Getting up a mountain can be grueling, and on the way up the views can be amazing. Then you get to the summit and feel that surge of accomplishment and joy  – but that feeling doesn’t last forever. But for […]