Personal Web is a simple Hugo template to build a personal website including portfolio and blog sections. It will mainly suit freelancers who want to showcase their work. Demo website Installation Inside the folder of your Hugo site run: cd themes git clone or if you’d rather use submodules […]

When creating a WordPress website, it’s very important for us to have a good navigation. In this article, we will show you steps on how to use megamenu in our WordPress themes. Our WordPress theme supports custom WordPress menu with multi-level dropdown for main menu. There is various area of […]

As to digital transaction, cryptocurrency is the most blazing yopic out there. However there are numerous individuals who really don’t have a thought regarding what it is. In basic words,cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency which intended to fill in as a mode of trade. The procedure utilizes cryptocurrency […]

It is safe to say that you are keen on beginning a website yet wondering what the best UK web hosting is? So as to make a website, you need solid web hosting that functions admirably for destinations in the UK. In any case, since there are such a large […]